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Waterproof Bluetooth Selfie Stick

This stick is extendable, lightweight and very portable. This Stick is made of aluminum alloy tube.


Selfie Stick Built in Tripod and Remote Control

This is a Bluetooth 2 in 1 selfie stick which built-in wireless remote allows you to take selfie-photography.


Zaap Bluetooth Selfie Stick

Selfie Stick is extendable having an In-Built Remote Shutter, which is compatible with Android, iPhone, GoPro and other smart phones.


3 in 1 Wireless Bluetooth Selfie Stick

This is a 3 in 1 selfie stick made of Aluminum Alloy and can capture up to 50000 selfies with full charging within half an hour.


OYSEUS Selfie Stick

2 in 1 selfie stick which can be divided into monopod and tripod also.


Amozo - Bluetooth Selfie Stick

Comes with a foldable tripod which you can set according to the need.


Monopod Selfie Stick

It is Compatible with for all Series of Gopro cameras having an Anti slip rubber grip.


Sami® 360 Degree Mini Tripod

Can fit into a backpack, purse, & luggage etc. It has supported weight of 500g.


Selfie Stick with 3-in-1 Fish Eye and Wide Angle

This is a 1288 Selfie Stick With removable remote shutter which is compatible with iOS or Android 4.3.