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Mini metal USB flash drives 32 GB.

Steel design. Store, share and transfer music, videos and more OTG flash drive easily transfer between phones and computers


Card Stick USB 32 GB Pen drive

Temperature/Time/Date LED display. Sports Data memory, can connect computer to check sports data. USB charging, buil-in rechargeable battery, connect it with computer and charging


SanDisk Memory card USB WIFI Flash Drive32 GB

Connect wirelessly and stream HD movies and music to up to 3 devices at the same time.


Kingston 32GB Data Traveler

With DT100G3, storing and transferring of documents, presentations, music, video and more is easier than ever.


High Speed USB 3.0 32Gb Flash Drive.

It is elegant step into the world of USB 3.0 and have taken advantage of technology in newer notebooks; desktop and digital devices.


USB Flash Drive 32GB USB

Strap design for easy carrying. USB 2.0USB flash drive stores data efficiently.


SAMSUNG USB Flash 1 32 GB Pen Drive

Waterproof to protect your data. High performance, quality and secure memory card.


32GB Gold Thumb memory stick.

The high gloss durable metal finish offers a sleek and slim way to store and share your music, photos, and files.


Truck shape 32 GB USB drive

It offers well performance, to protect your sensitive and important files.