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Generic Hard Disk 2.5 Inch Drive 80GB IDE

These are quick, quiet and reliable, ideal for use in both high performance systems and day to day office or home based systems.


IDE/PATA 2.5 Hard Disk Drive 80 GB IDE

These drives are quick to access your data whilst keeping it safe and secure.


Hitachi 80GB Laptop Hard Drive 5400

2.5 IDE HARD DRIVE 80GB IDE MODELS MAY VARY 80GB IDE DRIVE 2.5". These are high performance systems.


80GB 2.5" Laptop Hard Disk

A hard drive with 8MB cache with the old IDE/ATA interface (44 sharp pins), ideal for upgrade the hard drive size for your old laptop/notebook computers.


Western Digital Hard drive - 80 GB

Western Digital Caviar SE WD800JD 8, 89 cm (3.5 Inch) Hard drive (80GB, SATA, 7200 rpm).


I Hard Disk - 80GB

The product offers up to 80 GB in the slim 10 mm height form factor and deliver high performance.


Western Digital Veloci Raptor 80GB

Hard Drives are professionally tested and in excellent working condition.


MK8032GAX 80GB Hard Drive

drive offers fast UDMA/100 data transfers and an 8 MB buffer.


Generic 2.5 inch 80 GB SATA hard drive

Size 2.5", Capacity: 80GB, Interface: Sata, Product Features Serial ATA Interface 150 Mbps